Panasonic Water Heater (Non-Jet Pump) DH-3NS1MW


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  • Power Consumpion 3.6kw
  • Power Supply 240 V, 50Hz
  • Power Selection : Eletric Power Control
  • Power One Push Stop System
  • Water One Push Stop System
  • Body Color Crystal White
  • Shower Head Color Crystal White​​​​​
    Design : Oval
    Spary Type : 3-Way
    Shower Plate : Ag+ Anti Bacteri
  • 9 Safety Device : Push On-Off Yes
    : Bulit-in ELB yes
    : Heater Unit Copper
    : Auto Thermal Cut Off 55 C
    : Manual Reset Thermostat Yes
    : Water Flow Sensor Yes
    : Water Splash Proof IP25
    : Structure Insulated
    : Material Non Flammable Material Compliance
product sku : PCDH3NS1MW

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5 in stock

Non-Jet Pump N series Home Shower (Water Heater)
The N series has a luxurious, Sleek Elegant Design. It offers reliable safety with a stylish appearance that matches bathroom spaces. The water temperature is maintained by eletronic control, which lets you set the temperature is maintained by electronic control, large LCD panel operation. The Magic Health function relaxes body and mind for a more comfortable shower time.

– 3-Way Shower Selector
– Ag+ Crystal-Antibacterial Shower Head
-9 Safety Points

Easy Switching Shower
-3-Way Shower Selector

The temperature sensor is bulit into the main unit lets you maintain a constant shower temperature. You don’t need to worry about the temperature changing while you can enjoy showering in comfort.

Easy and Safety Push

One Push ON/OFF Switch

A large, easy-to-press ON/OFF switch on the main unit. The large button can be pressed even while showering with your eyes closed. One push lets you turn off the water and electricity. It’s a quicker, more convenient way to turn off the water.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Ag+ Crystal-Antibacterial Shower Head

The antibacterial metrial containing Ag+ (silver) prevents mold generation. It prevents mold in the shower head, which often occurs in the humid environment of the bathroom, so the shower head remains constantly clean.

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