Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device EH-SC50-P451


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  • Warm Make up Removal
  • Brush and Foam Cleansing
  • Foam Cleansing
  • Waterproof
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10 in stock

Three solutions for thorough skin care

From removing make up to deep cleansing with foam and brush,three kinds of skin care with one unit .
Warm make up removal 
Warm head mixes make up remover with make up for easy removal .
Brush and foam cleansing 
The micro-sized foam and a brush with very fine bristles thoroughly remove dirt from pores .
Foam cleansing
Generates micro-sized foam to clean gently but deeply inside the pores .
Rich foam like whipped cream is automatically generated 
Foaming cleanser is automatically turned into foam in approx 5 sec .Add the foaming cleanser through the inlet and pour approx 4ml of water into the center of attachment cavity.Press the WASH button and select the speed ,then micro-foam is generated.Like whipped cream ,the rich foam together with patting vibration (approx 850 times/min) gently cleanse your face without scrubbing skin and placing a burden on it .Washing your face with rich foam for 1 min every at results in finely textured skin .
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