Panasonic ECONAVI 5-Blade Ceiling Fan F-M15H5VBSQH- SHORT PIPE (Platinum Silver)


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  • ECONAVI feature
  • DC Motor Technology
  • Yuragi function
  • Enhanced safety features
  • LCD remote control
  • 9-sequential speed selection
  • Durable blades (PPG Material)
  • 1-8 hour off timer
  • 2-8 hour sleep timer
  • Sleek and smooth design
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3 in stock

1)ECONAVI Integrated Circuit
This intelligent microprocessor analyzes information from the sensor and adjust the fan speed to optimum conditions .

2)Temperature Sensor
Detects surrounding temperature .

3)DC Motor
How it works ?

As for DV (Direct Current) motor , the direct (AC) power source will be connected to a transformer which converts the power to DC.The effect will decrease the amount of power used by a direct current instead of altenating current . The motor’s rotor will then be rotated by using a system of magnets of opposing polarity where the process requires less electrical energy .

Advantage of a DC motor :
1.Uses less energy – up to 55% compared AC motor
2.Quiet operation
3.More compact and lighter motor

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