Panasonic 42L Inverter Microwave Convection Oven NN-CD997S (Made In Japan)(Silver)


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  • Power Source(Convection , Grill ,Microwave)
  • Control Panel Twin “ez” Dial Light Navigation
  • Auto Menu 20
  • Oven Capacoty 42 L
  • Door Color Stainless Steel
  • Inverter
  • MW Power Level 6
  • Multistage Cooking 3
  • Reheat Sensor
  • Defrost Mode (Inverter Turbo)
  • Word Prompting Dispaly
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Oven Interior
  • Turntable 380mm
  • Microwave 1000W
  • Grill Heater 1250W
  • Convection  Heater 1800W
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3 in stock

42 L Inverter Convection Microwave Oven
Working more efficiently than normal ovens,you can now do everything from baking to griling and microwaving.It features with Convection 1,800W & Grill 1,250W & Microwave 1,000W Power source and Innovative Inverter Techonology.

Innovative Inverter Techonology
Comparing Microwave ovens with and without an inverter

Unlike other microwave ovens,InverterTechonology deliviers a seamless stream of cooking power– even at lower settings –for your precision cooking thta preserves the flavour and texture of your favourite foods.Other microwaves mimic lower heat settings by turning the power o and off repeatly,which can results in overcooked edges and cool spots in the middle.With Inverter,you can poach,braise and even steam more delicate foods, all with the speed and convenience of a microwave.You’ll enjoy delicious,healthy ccoking results,and all in less time!

Combination Cooking (SPeedy,Delicious,Healthy)
Great for Busy People-Delicious,Time Saving Meals

Time Saving

Fast,Simultaneous Cooking of Both Sides – The top and bottom of food are heated at the same time for faster cooking without the troubles of turning items over half way through.


Gives you Restaurant-Level Cooking – Heat dishes with microwave and grill heater at the same time,so that they are well cooked both inside and out.The heater evaporates moisture from the suuraface of food to crisp it,and microwave and steam heating cooks the food thoroughly for delicious results.This will greatly improve your range of cooking and put an extra smile on each of your family’s faces.


Unwanted Fat is Drawn out – The upper heater browns the surface,while microwaves from below are absorbed by the bottom of the double grill tray and turned into get speedy cooking from above below,and there’s no nees to turn the food over.Also,it excess fat inside food runs off into the grill tray grooves to assure healthier meals.

Inverter turbo Defrost
The Inverter is an innovative delivery system which controls the microwave power more effectively than conventional systems.Constant soft penetrations of microwave energy prevents the common problems of shrinkage,overcooking and loss of nutrients.the results is full delicious flavour,colour and texture of your food.

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