About Us

Syarikat Elektrik Tong Seng is established in 1979, is the first kedai NATIONAL in Klang Panasonic Malaysia’s Area top PanaShop in Malaysia.
Tong Seng PanaShop is a showcase of the latest Panasonic initiatives and technologies. Walk into a Tong Seng PanaShop to feast your senses on Tong Seng’s latest Panasonic range of Full High Definition TVs, Digital Cameras and Blue-ray™ Home Theaters.

Complete your home with Panasonic’s eco-friendly driven appliances, from refrigerators and washing machines to airconditioners and eco-bulbs – save on energy bills and preserve the environment.

As you browse along Tong Seng’s friendly interior, you might be surprised to find that Tong Seng even has Panasonic hair dryers and shavers available, along with stylish cordless phones; each and very item feature-packed and polished with the Panasonic shine that you come to know and love.

Expect top-notch and professional service from Tong Seng. From the moment you step into a Tong Seng PanaShop right until delivery to your doorstep, Tong Seng will go the extra mile to create a customer experience found nowhere else. Enjoy extended warranties, 0% installment plans, the comfort of genuine spare parts and expert after sales service.

7 Reasons To Buy Panasonic Products From Tong Seng PanaShop

Extended Warranty

Get more protection when you make a purchase at Tong Seng for selected items.

Professional Services

Send in your product to Tong Seng PanaShop for professional repair and genuine spart parts

Installment Scheme

Enjoy 0% interest installments of up to 12 months from Tong Seng PanaShop

Live Experience

Tong Seng PanaShop offers you a first hand sensory experience of all Panasonic products. Enjoy an exciting and simulating journey like no other.

All Things Panasonic

Whether it’s a new LCD TV, home theater, refrigerator or air conditioner, just stop at Tong Seng for all your Panasonic needs.

Expert Help

Tong Seng’s knowledgeable staff stand ready to offer sound product knowledge and after-sales support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free Panasonic experience.

PanaShop Exclusives

At Tong Seng, you will find cutting-edge new Panasonic products available exclusively for PanaShop customers.